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BIOPTRON: Ultimate anti-aging solution

AMWC was held with the organizational support of the Healthcare Ministry and Healthcare Department of Moscow. ZEPTER INTERNATIONAL presented BIOPTRON with a medical scientific program & live demonstrations of the polarized medical light with anti-aging procedures which represents the latest techniques and innovations in international aesthetic, biotech, pharma and anti-aging.
BIOPTRON was featured during a workshop to experts in aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgeons and anti-aging professionals by Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic who revealed evidence of how different BIOPTRON light wavelengths can heal various medical problems and help skin to fight aging processes. In a speech during the symposium on Anti-aging Procedures & BIOPTRON Medical Light, ‘New horizons for Skin Beauty & Rejuvenation’, Dr. Lalosevic introduced to the international medical community research about polarized light which is clinically proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity and uneven skin tone.

Having been successfully used for many years in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of many different medical conditions, but also with an amazing effect on lines and wrinkles, BIOPTRON Light Therapy has proven to be a tested, certified and effective treatment against skin aging. BIOPTRON is a winner of anti-aging & beauty trophy at 2nd & 3rd European Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medical Congress in Paris in 2014 & 2015.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy has proven to be a tested, certified and effective treatment against skin aging.

AMWC was held with the organizational support of the Healthcare Ministry and Healthcare Department of Moscow.

Latest recognition for Zepter International

Following the longtime experience and proven efficiency in therapy and prevention, BIOPTRON shows once more the true power of light and wins the 1st prize as most efficient energy based anti-aging device at the 2nd European Aesthetic & Anti-aging medicine Congress in Paris, held on 24-25 October.

An International team of medical experts presented the effects of Bioptron light therapy in anti-ageing, showing clinical studies that proved the positive and simulative effects of Bioptron Light Therapy on fibroblast cells in our body, the ones responsible for collagen and elastin production.

As the skin ages, as well as when being exposed to sun rays, the quantity of these proteins in human skin decreases, the outcome are fines lines and wrinkles. Safe and non-invasive daily treatments with Bioptron Light Therapy (for only 10 minutes), will make these wrinkles disappear.

Dr. Michael T. McNamara, global international opinion leader of Zepter International and a renowned doctor practicing a unique specialty of preventive health check-ups, presented both anti-aging and medical prevention usage of Bioptron Light Therapy.

Dr Christian Deperdu, dermatologist and anti-aging specialist from Beausoleil in France and Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic from Belgrade, Serbia, the founder of anti-age clinic Aesthetic Med, have held lectures on Bioptron Light Therapy. They have demonstrated the efficiency and simplicity of Bioptron Light Therapy usage in various popular anti - aging procedures: after mesotherapy and hyaluronic fillers, PRP lifting and face-liftings with mesonites, peelings and laser procedures. They have also shared their own successful experiences in daily use of Bioptron Light Therapy.

For more, visit also http://www.euromedicom.com/amec-2014/trophy_pro.html

Latest recognition for Zepter International

Latest recognition for Zepter International

Latest recognition for Zepter International

The Zepter Apart Hotel is now open!

Welcome to the oasis of luxury and health and unique Zepter lifestyle!

Zepter Apart Hotel, a 5-star apartment hotel, first of its kind, has opened its doors to the guests. This exclusive apart hotel in downtown Belgrade offers to its guests a unique Zepter lifestyle experience.

All 32 suits and luxury rooms, ranging from 30 to 300 m2, are equipped with high quality Zepter products of worldwide reputation for their exceptional superior quality, advanced technology and original design.

Guests can freely relax and enjoy the benefits of Zepter Masterpiece System, an everlasting way to preparing healthy and delicious food; Bioptron Light Therapy a worldwide patented, clinically tested, proven & certified as an effective medical device for a safe and effective medical treatment; Zepter Home Care products for clean air, clean water and clean environment and pamper their skin with high quality Zepter Swiss cosmetics.

Hotel guests have on their disposal Zepter Meeting Club, SmartLife restaurant and Zepresso Aperitif bar. All menus served are based on Mediterranean and international cuisine, properly prepared with Zepter’s unique and everlasting solution to preparing healthy food for a better, longer and healthy life. The unique feature of this hotel is possibility for all their guests to enjoy private cooking class with hotel’s chef and learn all the secrets of proper food preparation using Zepter Masterpiece CookArt.

Today, more than ever before, everyone needs Zepter products, and Zepter Apart Hotel brings this essential quality to lives of all its guests.

Live Zepter! Live Better. Live Longer.

Find out more at: http://www.hotelzepter.rs/

Zepter Apart Hotel, a 5star apartment hotel, first of its kind, has opened its doors to the guests.

Zepter Apart Hotel, a 5star apartment hotel, first of its kind, has opened its doors to the guests.

Zepter Apart Hotel, a 5star apartment hotel, first of its kind, has opened its doors to the guests.

Prix Zepter International 2014

The winner of this year Prix Zepter International Young Chef is Mr Kevin Micheli. The other finalists, competing for a 10,000 € cheque and prestigious title of Zepter International’s Young Chef for 2014 were Mr Daniel David, Mr Stefan Sigl and Mr Tobias Wußler.

The prize was awarded during a Gala evening in the Ferstel Palais in Vienna on October 21st 2014, in the presence of numerous international VIP guests. Jury consisted of eminent international and Austrian chefs and haute cuisine experts, including Martina Hohenlohe, Lafer Johann, Jacque Gantie and many others.

The newly-established Zepter International Young Chefs Prize, a generous patronage of Mrs. Madlena Zepter, is awarded to a professional under 35, whose acclaimed authenticity and creativity make him/her a renowned figure in the future of haute cuisine. This prize witnessed its first edition in Nice, on 22. November 2013 having Julien Roucheteau, the talented Executive Chef in Hotel Lancaster in Paris, the first laureate of this new haute cuisine contest.

In 2015 this prestigious competition will take place in Poland, searching for the next young star of international gastronomy.

For more, see: www.youtube.com 
and visit our page at

Prix Zepter International 2014

Prix Zepter International 2014

Prix Zepter International 2014

Zepter International fights against the cancer

Zepter International is the general partner of the Foundation of Dagmar and Václav Havel - Vize 97, for the early diagnostic and prevention of colorectal cancer. At the 6th. Course of Society for Gastrointerstinal Oncology, from 29th September 2014 Prague, world renowned doctors and specialists met to discuss about prevention and the importance of an early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Zepter International was present at this important event, through Dr. Michael McNamara, MD from Monte-Carlo and Dr. Peter Minárik, MD, PhD from St. Elizabeth's Cancer Institute Bratislava.

On 5th October Mr. President and members of the high management from the Zepter company were present at the Gala event, showing full support and engagement for the VIZE 97 foundation.

For more, see: youtu.be

As the world famous Monaco Yacht Show drew to a close on Saturday 24th many of the world’s most majestic yachts that had made the beautiful marina in Monaco their home for the weekend set sail for the four corners of the world. The hugely succesful event attracted participation from the world’s most advanced and impressive yachts which came from far and wide to place anchor in the exclusive surroundings of the Principality for the duration of the Monaco Yacht Show September 21st – 24th.

As these yachts plotted a course for far-flung places such as the Carribean or South Pacific, the news they will carry will be all about one thing. Unquestionably, the star of the show for the Weekend was ‘joyMe. The personal yacht of Zepter International’s President and founder Mr. Philip Zepter. ‘joyMe is a 50 meter yacht that pushes the boundaries of conventional yacht design and is the embodiment of a dream and a philosophy that permeates the company life of Zepter International and those of the over 80,000,000 satisfied users of Zepter products worldwide.

Designed in part by Mr. Zepter himeself, ‘joyMe breaks the mould in terms of modern yacht design. Created with the ethos of the Zepter Company and their commitment to high design ideals and innovative technology, ‘joyMe is different in every respect. The exterior form and its sumptuous lines are a bold statement of excitement and a joy in the beautiful. Accentuating its length rather than its height the craft seems in a permanent state of readiness. An energised state of action, even when it is at rest in the dock. The exuberant paint job together with its flowing curves do not shy away from the celebration of youth and positivity that it was designed to embrace.

‘joyMe was the focal point of the event and attracted news crews and journalists from all over the world such as TF1 form France, Fashion TV, Gazette De Monaco, RTL, TV Prima, Czech Republic, Yachts Russia, Luxury Magazine Rich & Famous, Romania and broadcasters from Austria and the Balkan region and many other major players in the world’s media, who traveled especially to report on this luxury vessel and what it represents not only to the yacht-building industry but to manufacturing, technology, design and lifestyle generally.
Friday night was ‘the big one’ as ‘joyMe played host to the most glamorous and important guests many from Monaco’s own social scene but also internationally renowned VIPs. The best in music entertainment was provided with world famous DJs, Anja J and music from Brazilian drummers and Fashion from Zepter Style, Svetlana Livadnaia and Catalin Botezatu.

Invitations for the event were in high demand and the event that every one wanted to attend among the attandees of note were, of course Mr. Zepter himself, Sir Michael Smurfit, Honorary Irish Consul to Monaco and leading European business figure, Dr. Michael Mc Namara MD, world famous medical doctor and pioneering expert in three-dimensional Total Body Scanning technology and Paul Mc Guinness, Manager of U2.

The night was not only a chance to rub shoulders with important guests, but also to experience life on board ‘joyMe and to celebrate the Zepter way of life. This bold and beautiful feat of engineering is built with the sole purpose of bringing happiness and well-being to all who step aboard. As Zepter applies its advanced technology and design expertese to solutions for healthier, happier living, ‘joyMe to is an example of the Zepter Design approach that design should be beautiful and useful and create a better life for the user.

‘joyMe is more than a yacht, It is a celebration of a dream, a dream that has already touched the lives of millions all over the world and an affirmation that anything is possible. It is the first finished project of Philip Zepter Yachts Ltd. and marks a new era of luxury as there are many more in development. Zepter International continues its expansion into high end luxury fields with Zeptair, its luxury airplane company and now Philip Zepter Yachts Ltd., which floats the Zepter Philosophy on the high seas.

The creation of this nautical masterpiece has ignited Mr. Zepter’s passion for the sea and his pursuit of a lifestyle set perfectly in equilibrium between relaxation, pleasure and business success. Indeed it is this philosophy that has spurred Mr. Zepter in his global success with Zepter International present in over 60 countries on 5 continents. Zepter International always pushes the boundaries in creating new and uncompromising solutions to offer a healthier and happier lifestyle for all its customers. This pleasure craft reflects the design ideals of Zepter International and how conceptual design can have a real and transformative effect on the user and aid in the realisation of a better life. The mission of Zepter International spells out this simple creed and how we can use success to be a force for good in society with the simple motto – Live Longer.


Monaco Yacht Show ‘joyMe

Mr. Philip Zepter, ‘joyMe is a 50 meter yacht

‘joyMe’s exuberant exterior sets it apart from other yachts.

Mr. Philip Zepter, ‘joyMe is a 50 meter yacht

Philip Zepter, President, Zepter Group and Sir Michael Smurfit, Honorary Irish Consul to Monaco and leading European business figure.

Mr. Philip Zepter, ‘joyMe is a 50 meter yacht

The Zepter party in full swing.

Mr. Philip Zepter, ‘joyMe is a 50 meter yacht

Tropical sounds from Brazilian drummers turn up the heat.

Mr. Philip Zepter, ‘joyMe is a 50 meter yacht

Welcome on board.

Philip Zepter, President and founder of Zepter International, joins the ranks of only five non-U.S.citizens who have been awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2011 for his genuine philanthropic support and unique Mission of Health

New York, NY, MAY 16, 2011 - Mr. Phillip Zepter, President and founder of Zepter International and world renowned philanthropist, accepted the prestigious international Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2011 at a ceremony on Ellis Island in New York on May 7, 2011. Mr. Zepter was chosen from thousands of nominees for his personal and professional philanthropic contributions. Furthermore, Zepter International’s Mission of Health was recognized for benefiting not only the health of millions of people worldwide but improving society as a whole.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor is awarded to outstanding individuals who exemplify a life dedicated to community service, preserving and celebrating the history of their ancestry, building relationships between cultural groups, or sharing their personal or professional achievements for the greater good.

“The Ellis Island Medal of Honor celebrates the richness and diversity of American life and symbolizes its enduring spirit. The immigrants who formed the backbone of the nation passed Ellis Island in their quest for freedom of speech, religion and economic opportunity. The Ellis Island Medal of Honor pays homage not only to individuals, but to the pluralism and democracy that have enabled the ancestry groups to maintain their cultural diversity,” said NECO Executive Director Rosemarie Taglione.

The United States Senate and House of Representatives have both officially passed resolutions recognizing the Ellis Island Medals of Honor, which ranks among this country’s most prestigious awards. Each year, Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients are listed in the Congressional Record, honoring those who have made enduring contributions to the nation and to the world. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the award’s history. As an international recipient, it is an additional honor for Mr. Zepter.

By receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Mr. Zepter joins the ranks of only five non-U.S. citizens who have been honored, including Tony Blair, along with former American Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford and famous philanthropic individuals such as Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks, Elie Wiesel, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Mickey Mantle, Gloria Estefan, Donald Trump, Lee Iacocca, and Barbara Walters.

“Philip Zepter’s story is an uplifting one of hard work, self-belief and a willingness to take risks. From modest beginnings in 1986, his products are now made in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and are available in more than 60 countries worldwide.” The Monaco Times, 2009.

Mr. Zepter has built a multi-billion dollar business through more than 25 years of true dedication and hard work. Starting with a brilliant idea of providing high quality luxury products that enhance people’s lifestyles and enable them to live longer, Zepter International enjoyed phenomenal growth over the years. Today Zepter International employs over 130,000 people worldwide, while a Zepter presentation starts at least every 10 seconds somewhere in the world and over 760,000,000 products have been sold to more than 80,000,000 satisfied users worldwide.

Mr. Zepter’s family possesses a substantial background in both entrepreneurial and not-for-profit business ventures, and Mr. Zepter has stayed true to these values. “Social responsibility is something that is built into the DNA of Zepter Group. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year the company has always placed at the center of all its business goals the idea of making the world a better place,” said Mr. Philip Zepter.

For many years Mr. Philip Zepter has generously supported the world’s biggest sport events, such as the prestigious F1 world championships (2000 - 2010) including the famous Grand Prix of Monaco, FIBA official tournaments (2003 -2011) as well as Ice Hockey World Championships (2001 - 2011), always with the same ideal: Zepter – Live Longer.

He is also the Founder of the Zepter philosophy, a philosophy of healthy living and perfection aimed at maintaining the health of present and future generations and solving ecological problems.

“Until now, we haven’t been aware of how many lives we saved and how many were prolonged. Even we were astonished to learn that those are in the millions. So that is why we have to triple our presence and our activities. Today, more than ever, the world needs Zepter’s Mission of Health,” said Mr. Phillip Zepter.

In 1994, Mr. Zepter and his wife started the Philip and Madlena Zepter Foundation, an organization committed to providing scholarships, supporting humanitarian work and benefiting thousands of people in desperate need. The Foundation funds are going go toward grants for young talent, sponsorship of scientific, technical projects and cultural achievements like the Madlenianum Opera House and Theatre, the first privately built opera house in Europe since the Second World War. The Foundation is also encourages and promotes cultural and artistic contributions through Artzept, which awards generous prizes and exhibition opportunities to young artists and designers. “It is one thing to believe in good and useful design. It’s quite another thing to actually invest in it for the pure pleasure of seeing talent emerge and thrive,” said Madlena Zepter.

It is testament to Philip Zepter’s vision that the very social issues he has been addressing, namely nutrition and well-being through the promotion of a health lifestyle, have become even more relevant today.

Additional awards received by Mr. Zepter include the influential international Golden Mercury Award (awarded 5 times as the leader in Italian industrial progress); Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana Award for outstanding services rendered to Italian Industry and the Community, the B.I.D. Gold Award for Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation and the Silver Medal of Honor of the Russian Academy of Science for contributions to medicine and the protection of public health.

Mr. Zepter’s commitment helping those in need is evident through the amount of lives touched by his work with regular, significant donations to a whole host of international charities and foundations, some of which include the International Red Cross, UNICEF and Save the Children. In Madagascar there is a Zepter village consisting of Elementary and High schools, Health Clinic and over 100 houses. Even one planet outside our solar system has been named after him.

Receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor adds to this long list of accomplishments and reflects the true colors of his philanthropic endeavors.


Philip Zepter,
President and founder of Zepter International,
joins the ranks of only five non-U.S.citizens
who have been awarded the prestigious
Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2011
for his genuine philanthropic support
and unique Mission of Health

Mr. Philip Zepter lands on Ellis Island to be presented with Medal Of Honor



Philip Zepter

By receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Mr. Zepter joins the ranks of only five non-U.S. citizens who have been honored
Mr. Zepter’s family possesses a substantial background in both entrepreneurial and not-for-profit business ventures
In 1994, Mr. Zepter and his wife started the Philip and Madlena Zepter Foundation
Mr. Zepter’s commitment helping those in need is evident with regular, significant donations to a whole host of international charities and foundations, some of which include the International Red Cross, UNICEF and Save the Children.

Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010

Zepter: The Golden Age, worked to unite its top managers from all over the world. It was a chance to showcase Zepter’s newest technologically-advanced products and superior design. The products are of the highest quality and are developed in line with Zepter’s Mission of Health and Beauty.
Zepter: The Golden Age, was an opportunity for Zepter people to come together to share ideas, knowledge, skills and experience. To highlight Zepter’s position in the world of big business. While the rest of the world is slowing down, Zepter is expanding into new markets and growing its current markets. There is a world of opportunity for Zepter to grow. Zepter’s Golden Age lies in the fact that it has an unlimited potential to hire people. Zepter gives people the chance to work for themselves with no financial investment, with great support, huge earning potential and a fulfilling international career with the possibility for travel and chances to compete in international competitions, awards and contests. For anyone who is looking for a job, a better job, a better salary, extra income, or a better quality of life, Zepter’s door is always open. It offers them security and stability, empowers workers and empowers society. Zepter is recruiting on an ongoing basis, constantly looking for new staff, young people and especially educated people with a will to succeed. Zepter is offering today what no other companies are offering – a guaranteed flexible job in any corner of the world. Across the globe Zepter’s excellent products change lives giving people more free time, and striving for a longer, healthier and happier life.

Zepter: the golden age in the land of the pharaohs

For six days Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam was the centre of the world as Zepter’s top people from all over the world came to the Red Sea coast to live the Zepter dream. Guests were welcomed on their arrival on Tuesday the 2nd with a warm Zepter Welcome Gathering poolside at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Resort. Wednesday and Thursday were for working with the Zepter Speed Business Workshop. New developments and initiatives were presented and discussed with keynote speeches from important figures from many countries across all Zepter brands – Zepter Medical, Zepter Cosmetics & Luxury, Zepter Home Art and Zepter Home Care. The Business end of the Conference was finished off with the Zepter Only White Party – an elegant evening’s entertainment with an allwhite dress code. The partnership between Zepter and Fashion TV was again on show as the search for FTV’s top model came to the Zepter Only White Party with a catwalk of fabulous models competing for a place in the final. Entertaining during the party was darling of the fashion and House Music scene VIP Ania J and famous D.J. Tania La Croix. Friday the 5th of February saw the climax of the event with the Big Zepter Show at the International Convention Centre, Port Ghalib. This was an entertainment extravaganza which also encompassed presentations of new Zepter products: Zepter Masterpiece Electropolished Cookware, a revolutionary non-stick technology from Zepter, and the Ze-presso Café, the real coffee experience. Also unveiled was the Vacsy – vacuum pack system’s new look for the new decade. For Zepter Cosmetics there was Swisso Logical Philip Extreme eau de toilette, and from Zepter Home Care: TURBOhandy 2in1 Vacuum Cleaning System. Guests were inspired at the Big Zepter Show by words from the founder and President of Zepter International, the incomparable Mr. Philip Zepter. Entertainment was provided by legendary Egyptian drummer Said El Artist and his Musicians of the Nile. A Brazilian flavour was added to proceedings with a group of Brazilian dancers and drummers setting the scene for the launch of Ze-presso Café. Founder and President of Fashion TV Mr. Michel Adam was present to receive appreciation of the friendship between Zepter International and fashion TV. Mr. Zepter showed his generosity and his appreciation to those Zepter Representatives and Managers who exceeded expectations during the year awarding over €1 million in cash and prizes including 5 Mercedes cars. The Saturday saw participants compete in the Zepter Olympic Games – a team building exercise with competitions in Beach Volleyball and Beach Football. First prize was taken by Russia with the Baltic team coming in second, third place went to the International team. That evening saw the gran finale at The Zepter Egyptian Gala Dinner. Guests were treated to entertainment from Rico and his band, one of Egypt’s biggest stars, Naughan, famous for the art of belly dancing, the big star Jocelyn Brown as well as the Faze Action Disco Funk Band from London. Guests danced the night away and made the most of their last night on the Red Sea, returning home the next day with memories of the desert and sand in their hair...

Zepter International Business Conference 2010 Advertorial

Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010, Phillip Zepter
Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010, Port Ghalib, Red Sea coast in Egypt
Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010, dancers
Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010, Jocelyn Brown
Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010, FTV top models

Prince Albert honours Philip Zepter by including his donation of historic powerboat in his private collection.

The boat on which Guido Cappellini achieved his 10th World Title is donated to the Prince of Monaco’s private collection of antique cars by Mr. Philip Zepter.

An historic day for the Principality of Monaco, an historic day for Zepter International and of course, a proud moment for Guido Cappellini. On the 2rd of July 2010, Prince Albert II of Monaco included in the Collection de Voitures Anciennes de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco (the royal collection of antique and legendary automobiles), the F1 Inshore powerboat catamaran, on which Guido Cappellini won an unprecedented 10th World Title.

Generously donated by Mr. Philip Zepter, President and founder of Zepter International and historic sponsor of Cappellini’s endeavours, this is the first time a nautical vessel will feature in the museum and the inclusion of a boat in an otherwise exclusively automobile collection was a high honour indeed for all involved. The powerboat – DAC CM 2009, which made history last December when Cappellini won his tenth World Title will be on permanent display in the museum and will forever be a testament to Capellini’s achievement and to the name of Zepter who’s name is proudly displayed on the boat itself.

Zepter Prince Albert Cappellini

Artzept showroom

A new home for artzept in Milan

After travelling the world the Artzept exhibition will be on permanent display in the industrial heart of Zepter International. Artzept, Europe’s premier design award now has a permanent residence in the birthplace of a global company that has inspired lives and achieved success in over 60 countries across five continents.

On the 10th of June 2010, the glittering reception hall of the Menfi Industria building (a Zepter company) became a reception hall fit for the most exquisite function. Pieces from Madlena’s extensive private art collection adorned the walls as Zepter’s friends and guests mingled elegantly anticipating the arrival of the two guests of honour – Mr. and Mrs. Zepter.

Once the hard work with the scissors was accomplished a fascinating speech was delivered by Mrs. Madlena Zepter which also quoted: “Human creativity is the highest form of investment. One thing is believing that design is good, and useful. Another is to actually invest in it for the pure pleasure of seeing talent emerge and thrive,” said the world famous patron and lover of art.

Artzept showroom

Zepter Lifestyle Milano

Zepter opening brings out the glamour in Milan

In the very centre of Milan, in the shadow of the magnificent matriarch of the city’s skyline, the Duomo, amongst statuesque buildings and rickety trams is the Triangolo d’Oro, the beating heart of Milan’s fashion district. It is here that many of the most exclusive designers have their flagship premises and showrooms.

On a balmy summer night, June 9th, the excitement on these streets was palpable as the most exclusive shopping area in the world welcomed a new neighbour, Zepter Lifestyle Milano. Zepter
International shines like a jewel in the crown of the city’s most luxurious streets, in via San Pietro all’Orto 10.

With over 500 Zepter Stores on the most exclusive streets of the world’s most important cities Zepter can now count Milan amongst its most impressive portfolio of showrooms and high-end stores. A glittering opening event announced the arrival of Zepter Lifestyle Milano as some of the cities most glamorous turned out on the night to welcome the President, Mr. Philip Zepter and his wife Madlena to cut the ribbon on the stunning showroom.

Zepter Lifestyle Milano


For any inquiries please contact the Zepter Press Office:

Select Zepter country

Zepter International

Zepter International press release

Zepter: The Golden Age, logo

Zepter: The Golden Age, the International Business Conference 2010


press release



Zepter International Design Award is a thirteen-year old competition, an exhibition of a synergistic union of art, design and functionality. It presents a certain vision of what the future holds for those precious little and not-so-little, but ubiquitous objects that fill our daily lives, a vision of them seen through the sparkling eyes of the designers – those artists who adorn our lives and whose works make us feel happier.
This year’s competition is yet another confirmation of how invaluable are the aspirations of Ms Madlena Zepter – the ArtZept founder and patron, and a great art lover – to encourage the most talented young world-wide designers to express their creativity and thereby gaining publicity and the deserved acclamation.
Almost a decade and a half of ArtZept has seen thousands of artists and designers who have taken part in the competition and whose envisaged and realised concepts have fulfilled the goals of beauty, functionality and the joy of use. During this time, over a hundred awards and honorary certificates have been given and some of the designs have been produced in small series thus justifying the motto of Zepter International Company “to make life more beautiful, longer, healthier and happier”.

This year’s competition theme is The Art of Frames.

There are many kinds of treasures – material and those non-material, which, for most of us, hold an immense, immeasurable value. Material riches such as jewellery, money, bonds, gold or gems are usually kept in well-secured places, but those of a far greater value – our memories, recollections and impressions – we try to safeguard not from thieves but from a more ominous and cunning predator – oblivion.
A way to protect them, a reminder of beautiful, precious, but occasionally heart-rending moments of our lives are photographs, paintings, or portraits of our loved ones. In order to emphasise their personal value – we put them in frames.
Picture frames are much older than we think – in fact, they have existed for much longer than photography. Did you know that the first picture frames date from ancient Egypt?
The earliest frames were framing borders used for dividing scenes in ancient Egyptian and Greek wall paintings. However, one of the oldest frames as we know them today dates from 2nd century AD – a Fayum mummy portrait was discovered in an Egyptian tomb still within its decorative wooden frame. Throughout history, from Antiquity, through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism to Modernism, frames have changed both regarding style and function.
So, what did we expect from our artists and designers – participants of the contest? First of all, we expected new, creative ideas for the design and shape of frames for paintings, photographs and mirrors to enclose our cherished memories, fragments of life, lasting impressions, imageries of scenes and even reflections of ourselves captured in the mirrors of our daily lives. We trusted their imagination and creativity to design and shape the form, choose the material and highlight the function.
The entries we received have taken us through a variety of concepts and visions – a multitude of new ideas. Some artists worked towards their solutions by developing functional and technological innovations with occasional startling and humorous applications while others derived their concepts from habits and traditions. Some designers interpreted the theme in a poetical, almost lyrical manner and explored the aesthetical, visual sensations – the associative, perceptive and emotional features.
The theme – The Art of Frames – allowed the participants enough freedom to express themselves in a great variety of ways, presenting the objects of the both worlds – the outer world that surrounds them and the inner world of their artistic personalities. The artists have come from various areas – some are visual artists, others – industrial designers, architects, some are experienced and some – novices, but all, without exception, share extraordinary enthusiasm and desire to present their original works. The best amongst them have been awarded prizes and we warmly congratulate them!

Artzept 2016 - The Art of Frames

The Jury awarded:

1st Prize of 10,000 Euro equally divided between
Mohamadreza Shahmohamadi from Iran
Richard Gabriel from Philippines

2nd Prize of 4,000 Euro in Zepter Products equally divided between
Luba Bakičová from Slovakia
Ana Mišović from Serbia

3rd Prize of 3,000 Euro in Zepter Products to
Snezana Jeremic from Serbia

SPECIAL MENTIONS were awarded by the Jury to:
Predrag Lozaic, Serbia
Alan Chin Che Hung, Canada
Lubos Patak, Slovakia
Balázs Hartung, Hungary
Yuriy Hlobchak, Ukraine
Rita Abou Arraj, Lebanon
Nutsa Deetrashvili, Georgia
Vesna Ilić Darijević and Tatjana Knežević, Serbia

Discover Artzept 2016 winners on: 



The story of Zepter International is a story of strength, greatness, passion and belief

For many years Zepter International has been the main sponsor of hundreds of global sport events, such as F1 world championships (Monaco, Canada and Brazil), F1 Powerboat world championships, FIBA world and European basketball championships, Ice Hockey world championships (official sponsor and national team sponsor) and Euro Handball. We also support various other sports: from Zepter Herculis IAAF Golden League athletic meeting in Monte Carlo, to major tennis tournaments in Monte Carlo, Mallorca, Stuttgart, and Hanover, and always with the same ideal: STRIVING FOR A LONGER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER LIFE.


Zepter Racing Team and Main Sponsor
1997-1998 Arrows Team
1999 Jordan Team
2001 Grand Prix, Brazil - Main Sponsor
Grand Prix, Canada - Main Sponsor
Grand Prix, Monaco - Main Sponsor


Zepter Racing Team Official Sponsor
Zepter Racing Team Title Sponsor


Official Sponsor
1998-1999 Fortec


Official Sponsor
2000 Benetton Durango Team


Official Sponsor
2000 Benetton Junior Team


Zepter Racing Team-Title Sponsor


Official Sponsor
1999 Lewis Team


Title Sponsor
1997-1998-1999-2000 Monte Carlo


Title Sponsor
1998 Monte Carlo


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Qualifying Games:
2003 Croatia, Hungary
Official national team sponsor for:
2001-2002 Russia and Ukraine
2003-2005 Russia, Ukraine and Latvia
2004 Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Canada
2005 Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada and Belarus
2006 Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Canada, Italy and Belarus
2007 Belarus, Ukraine, Canada and Italy
2008 Canada, Belarus, France and Italy
2009 Canada, Belarus, France and USA
2010 Canada, Belarus, Italy, Kazakhstan


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1997 Barcelona
1998 Men-Athens
1998 Women-Berlin
2002 Men-Indianapolis, USA
2002 Women-People’s Republic of China


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2001 European Championship for Men-Turkey
2002 Euroleague Women-France
2002 Saporta Cup-France


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- World Championship: 2010 Turkey, Czech Republic
- World Competition for Young Women:
2003 Croatia; 2005; 2006-2009 Brazil;
2009 Thailand; 2010; 2011 Chile
- World Competition for Junior Men:
2003 Malaysia 2005; 2006 Japan;
2007 New Zealand, Mexico; 2010; 2011 Latvia
- 2003 European Championship for Men,
Sweden; 2005; 2008 Greece; 2009 Poland; 2011 Lithuania
- European Championship for Women:
2003 Greece; 2005; 2008 Spain; 2009 Latvia; 2011 Poland
- Pan-American Olympic (Qualifying
Tournament) for Women and Men: 2003; 2005; 2009; 2011
- African Championship for Men:
2003 Egypt; 2005 South Africa; 2009 Libya
- African Championship for Women: 2003
Mozambique; 2005 Morocco; 2009
- 2004 Olympic Games Competition,
Athens FIBA Club; 2010 Republic of Singapore
- FIBA Diamond Ball, 6 top teams from
every continent: 2004 Belgrade
- 2008 China
- 2011 Japan


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1997-1998-1999 - Monte Carlo


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1999 Monte Carlo


Title Sponsor
1999 Monte Carlo


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1999-2000 Monte Carlo


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2004 Slovenia


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The 15th edition of the International Design Award open to young talents from all over the world

The 16th edition
of the International Design Award
open to young talents
from all over the world.

This year’s competition theme is BATHROOM ACCESSORIES – FUNCTIONAL OBJECTS WITH STYLE. Bathroom accessories have become important elements with regards to design as related to a very close relationship between people and objects that surround and serve them day in, day out. Such objects are in the focal range of the person who uses them and alongside this utilitarian – functional purpose they also have some deeper, more nuanced, more evocative and indeed – more symbolic meanings. We design our personal image, our day and our night. Accessories add to the bathroom’s charm and distinctive style and also contribute to the overall comfort and enjoyment. Choosing accessories is an art and a process which not only enhances the taste but is also more aesthetically appealing and inviting.

Including a heated towel rail into the bathroom composition is a great way of adding some spa-like luxury and ensuring that anyone can have access to deliciously dry towels whenever they need them.

Without soap dishes, the soap would dissolve into a sticky mess on the side of the sink, without towel rails, soggy towels would lie on the floor and without toilet paper holders, the toilet roll would sit uselessly on top of the cistern, cluttering up the space.

Counter, wall-mounted or freestanding, they represent those finishing touches that pull a design together to create visual harmony and ensure that the space in question is as utilitarian and user-friendly as possible. It’s the finer details, the smaller accessories that can make a bathroom space an absolute pleasure. It is the little finishes such as toothbrush holders, colourful shower curtains, trendy storage baskets or sleek bins that add the “wow” factor to the overall composition and make it stand apart giving it a feeling of upmarket exclusivity.
Following in the footsteps of previous competition themes, there are no set boundaries with regards to material and techniques and we are eagerly awaiting a host of exciting, synergetic and extraordinary entries.

An Expert Jury appointed by Zepter International shall select the most successful works on this topic.

The entries ought to be submitted no later than October 1st  2019 in electronic format only and to the following e-mail addresses: gordana.biba.markovic@gmail.com and pressoffice@zepteritaly.com via https://wetransfer.com Works sent after the specified date shall not be considered for the competition.

Philanthropist Madlena Zepter established this award in 2004 and since then, Artzept has grown from strength to strength and is regarded today as one of the most acclaimed design awards in the world. Every year, Mrs. Zepter defines a competition theme and a jury made of very reputable artists and critics judges the work of the participants.This year the winners will be picked by an expert Jury made of some of the most renowned luminaries from the arts: art historian and critic Gordana Biba Markovic, art director Carlo Magnoli and industrial designer Prof. Kosta Krsmanovic, president of the jury Carla Tolomeo, Andras Rez and Pino Spagnolo.

The contest is open to young, emerging talent from all over the world and aims at stimulating creativity and igniting new ideas as well as supporting exceptionally talented designers. The ethos of the award is also in line with Zepter’s mission, which looks to enhance people’s quality of life around the world through the quality of the goods it sells. This year the winning artwork will receive a 10,000 € prize, second prize will be 4,000 € worth of Zepter products and third prize 3,000 € worth of Zepter products.

For further information and enrolment please visit www.artzept.com

ARTZEPT 2018 WINNERS The jury has selected the winners of the 15th International
Design Award Artzept 2018 – ANYTHING CAN GLOW.
We are happy to congratulate the creative minds that have submitted their work:
Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW

1st Prize of 10,000 €
divided between

Sergii Borodenko
with Aljona Kolesznikova

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, 1st prize - Sergii Borodenko with Aljona Kolesznikova, Italy

Aleksandra Pak

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, 1st prize - Aleksandra Pak, Kazakhstan

2nd Prize of 4,000 € worth of Zepter products
divided between

Omid Akbari Kharazi

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, 2nd prize - Omid Akbari Kharazi, Iran

Simone Bettoli
with Nemanja Lukac Italy

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, 2nd prize - Simone Bettoli with Nemanja Lukac, Italy

3rd Prize of 3,000 € worth of Zepter products
divided between


Nikola Kovačević

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, 3rd prize - Nikola Kovačević, Serbia

Juray Najar

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, 3rd prize - Juray Najar, Slovakia

Special mentions

Ilya Bronnikov,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Ilya Bronnikov, Russia

Special mentions

Nikita Bukoros,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Nikita Bukoros, Ukraine

Special mentions

Elena Cheibas,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Elena Cheibas, Ukraine

Special mentions

Astrid Francesconi,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Astrid Francesconi, Italy

Special mentions

Huda Gharandouqa,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Huda Gharandouqa, Jordan

Special mentions

Dunja Kovačević,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Dunja Kovačević, Serbia

Special mentions

Heinrich Olwage,
South Africa

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Heinrich Olwage, South Africa

Special mentions

Barbora Pavlů,
Czech Republic

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Barbora Pavlů, Czech Republic

Special mentions

Lucija Tomicic,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Lucija Tomicic, Serbia

Special mentions

Ekaterina Vagurina,

Artzept 2018 - ANYTHING CAN GLOW, Special mentions - Ekaterina Vagurina, Russia