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Code: Z-993R


When paired with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol, the Radio Induction Cooker has the ability to adjust the heat source, enabling a completely automated cooking process from start to end. At the touch of a button, it adjusts and maintains the cook it independently ends the cooking process, turns off, and keeps the food unchanged, in its natural, healthy state.

Self-Controlled, Fully Automated, Enjoyable

Quick, safe and clean: this is the cooking tool you have been searching for.
The new Radio Induction Cooker by Zepter is an innovative cooking system to get perfect results in a short time and with complete safety. With no fire, no gas, no risk!
Radio Induction Cooker Z-933R - schema
Schott Ceran glass
Control panel
(sensor touch system


 Total Dimensions:  39.5 x 33.5 x h 7.4 cm
 Induction Plate Dimensions:  25 x 25 cm
 Time Range:  9 h: 59 min. max
 Temperature Range:  60 °C~ 240 °C
 Power Range:  300W - 2000W


Plate hot indicator Plate hot indicator
Child lock Child lock
Timer Timer
8 preset temperature grades 8 preset
temperature grades
8 levels Power boost 8 levels
Power boost
Power ON Power ON


Now you can keep your food warm, and make your table elegant at the same time. Amaze your guests with this wonder of home technology!

 Quick heat Quick heat
The heat is generated inside the cookware very quickly and effectively.
 Even temperature Even temperature
The magnetic material within the cookware heats homogeneously, so heat spreads to the food evenly and regularly with no hot spots.
Heat saving Heat saving
All the energy produced goes directly into the pot with no dispersion, and when removing the pan the device switches to standby mode automatically with no further, useless release of heat saving money and the environment.
It restarts when a new pot is placed onto it within one minute.
Hot plate warning Hot plate warning
No open flames, no electric hobs’ red hot coil, or other direct heat sources. Plus, over 60 °C the “hot plate” alert red LED will stay on, even if the power button is off.
Maximum precision Maximum precision
An additional temperature function is available with 8 preset temperature grades, which range from 60°C to 240°C, the maximum power being used for frying. There are eight levels of Power Boost available.


All Zepter Masterpiece Cookware pots have the patented accuthermal bottom which work perfectly with the new Radio Induction Cooker, to let you prepare exquisite meals according to Zepter’s healthy cooking philosophy. The Radio Induction Cooker is compatible with every kind of magnetic-based pot, pan or casserole.

All Zepter Masterpiece Cookware pots have the patented accuthermal bottom which work perfectly with the new Radio Induction Cooker




Stylish design
The surface is entirely covered with ceramic glass, which makes this cooking device an incomparable luxury home decoration to display proudly in your kitchen.

Branded Plate
Its surface glass top is Schott Ceran’s, therefore made by the international leading producer. You could not have a higher quality in this field.

Light and portable
Its dimensions and weight are ideal for moving this accessory wherever you need it, whenever you wish.

Easy hygiene
Wipe it with a wet cloth and it will be brand new. Cleanable with a dishwashing detergent and soft cloth. Overflowed food does not stick to the plate.

Sensor-touch system control
The touch screen commands on the ceramic glass display are a clever, futuristic design feature.

Clear legibility
The 4-digit system LED display is practical and user-friendly.

Timer and Heating setting
You can preset the length of cooking along with the temperature needed. When cooking is over, you can keep your food warm for a long time.

Suitable for pots with accuthermal bottom as well as for standard pots.

The stylish design incorporates optimum safety in the form of the Child lock and hot plate features, which make your kitchen a safer place.



A Safe & Efficient Technology
Induction heating is a heat transfer technology based on the generation of electromagnetic current through the cookware.

How does induction cooking work?

  • An induction energy coil placed directly beneath the ceramic glass surface generates a magnetic field.
  • When the cookware, made of a magnetic-based material, is placed onto the induction plate, the field penetrates the metal of the ferrous (magnetic-material) cooking vessel and sets up a circulating electric current, which generates heat.
  • The heat is generated inside the cookware and is transferred to the food inside. Nothing outside the cookware is affected by the magnetic field.
  • When the pot is removed from the induction plate it automatically cools: thus, you can easily control the food being heated along with the whole cooking process.
  • You can set the temperature for HEATING, being sure it will keep the ideal cooking temperature throughout the cooking process. You can also preset the cooking time so the device stops automatically, ensuring food never burns!