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Ze-Presso Café
Ze-Presso Café Capsules
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Ze-Presso Café Collection

Experience a unique journey with Ze-Presso Café Collection, a sophisticated delight for your palate, a joy for your senses. Let the five different blends of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans captivate you with their flavours.

Ze-Presso coffee beans are carefully selected and handpicked at various plantations around the globe, roasted separately and delicately at the correct temperature to preserve natural aromas and flavours, ground, and immediately packed into hermetically sealed coffee capsules.
By hermetically sealing the coffee capsules, the oxidation process is prevented, guaranteeing freshness to our customers. Each capsule contains 7 grams of coffee, the perfect amount for one cup of authentic Italian espresso, whenever you are in the mood for good coffee.

Created under the watchful eyes of our experts, the Ze-Presso Café collection, which includes five distinctive blends of coffee, is just the start of a coffee-centred journey. Coffee travels a long way from the tree until it reaches your cup, and we have put all OUR effort into ensuring that you can enjoy the best, the smoothest, the richest and the most flavoursome of coffees.


Let the five different blends of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans captivate you with their flavours.

Become a privileged member of Ze-Presso Café Club

Order your Ze-Presso today and become the newest member of Ze-Presso Café Club. By signing up for exclusive membership, you will be entitled to numerous privileges and advantages. For every package of 30 Ze-Presso coffee capsules, you will receive one point. Your collected points can then be exchanged for prestigious coffee items from our collection. Contact your local Zepter representative for more information and the complete range of splendid coffee items that are waiting just for you.

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The art of coffee tasting

Coffee and the senses

The best way to perfectly enjoy that rich and creamy cup of coffee is to consolidate and use all your senses.


The first sense is stimulated at the very same moment you prepare the perfect espresso, triggered by the colour, density and cream on top of your coffee, as well as the choice of the right porcelain.


The unique aroma of espresso is experienced through the sense of smell. The distinctive bouquet of scent is extracted slowly and gradually, as the coffee is being prepared.


One of the major aspects of activating the sense of taste is espresso crema, described as ‘rich’ and 'creamy', when its thickness is from 2 to 4 ml, followed by all the different and divine aromas of different coffee blends.
The balanced and characteristic aftertaste of Italian espresso that remains after the first sip is also a sign of well-grown, high-quality coffee beans.


Who would think that the sense of touch plays one of the main roles in coffee tasting?
In order to taste coffee better and enjoy its taste values, it is also worth understanding the map of the tongue. Awareness of the differences in touch sensitivity in its various zones increases our perception of different tastes and the degree of their influence.


The art of coffee tasting

The best way to perfectly enjoy that rich and creamy cup of coffee is to consolidate and use all your senses.