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Water Vacuum Cleaning System
Code: PWC-200

TUTTOLUXO 2S is the innovative
Water Vacuum Cleaning System by Zepter

Life is better with 2, thats why TUTTOLUXO 2S has 2 main functions for truly dust-free places to live in without the fuss of dust bags and dust clouds all around you!

1 Vacuum Cleaning - wet & dry with water filter.

2 Air Cleaning & Air Aroma Therapy.

3 unique patented systems:
Spray System - Simply System - Slalom System

4 level filtering system.

The healthy approach

When designing this appliance a new way of thinking allowed us to reinvent the modern vacuum cleaner and a revolutionary 4-level filtering system was born to trap all dirt, purify air and filter noise. The filters, made in special materials, are washable and long-lasting.


This filter traps the bigger dirt (e.g. leaves) which is not caught by the rainstorm of the Spray System and is therefore an important gate-keeper and protector for the next filter, the Air Intake Filter.
This filter purifies the air passing through the device, neutralises unpleasant odours and prevents any small objects, unintentionally sucked in, from falling into the appliance.
This filter is placed at the rear air-outlet to trap particles as small as 0.3 micron, catching anything that has escaped the water tank. Mainly used to reduce any noise emission, the Polyester filter makes the TUTTOLUXO 2S one of the most silent appliances in its class.

This filter prevents external small particles from jamming the motor and also filters the motor cooling air.
This function, not performed by common vacuuming devices, is unique to TUTTOLUXO models.
* Optional

High Efficiency Particulate Air
The HEPA filter technology assures maximum efficiency of 99.97% particle capture down to 0.3 microns.
The HEPA filter also helps to eliminate the micro-organisms
in indoor air.
 HEPA FILTER, optional

TUTTOLUXO 2S special features

* Cable rewind

Allows you to store the cable inside the device, simply press the cable rewind button.
 Cable rewind

* Tube Carriers

Hands-free! Insert the extension tube into the grooves on the side of the machine.
 Tube Carriers
* Removable Tank Lid Fasteners
If they might break loose, put them back into place, by fitting the forks onto the support pins.


A vast array of accessories enable TUTTOLUXO 2S to customise itself to your specific need and reach the most remote and tricky areas of your home.
 Removable Tank Lid Fasteners

Big brush
and carrier for accessory

Big brush and carrier for accessory

Parquet Accessory

Parquet Accessory

Floor brush for liquids

Floor brush for liquids

Small nozzle

Small nozzle
Round brush
Round brush
Flat special brush
Flat special brush
Radiator brush
Radiator brush
Small brush
Small brush
Stainless steel telescopic tube
Stainless steel telescopic tube
Flex tube

Flex tube
Extension tube * optional

Extension tube, optional
Turbo brush *optional

Turbo brush, optional

Technical characteristics
  • Voltage 230 V +/- 6%
  • Motor vacuum power: 1200W higher technology gives same power as a 1600W motor but:
    quieter, lower vibrations, lower energy consumption,higher reliability and higher air volume.
  • Effective Air flow: 22 l/sec
  • Vacuum pressure: 2130 mm H2O (~ 20,8 kPa)
  • Recovery tank volume: 1.6 l
  • Length of flexible tube: 2.4 m
  • Working reach: 8 m
  • Length of power lead: 5,5 m
  • Cable rewind button
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Size: 336x332x479 cm


Dust is all around you, no matter where you go

This could be the new song for the 21st Century as we are living and loving in clouds of dust. Not only when you touch floors but actually in the air around you.
Even your homes, are full of tiny particles clogging your lungs and increasing health problems like asthma and allergies especially in small children and elderly people.
For years you have been cleaning what you could see, but real cleanliness means destroying dirt you cannot see. The real enemy is what is invisible to the naked eye.
Most dirt, dust and micro-organisms that exist in our homes are so tiny you will never think of them as dangerous. But they are at the beginning of asthma, allergies and infections.
For a home to be clean it must be hygienically clean which means, all surfaces and the air you breathe must be dust-free.
There is only one device you can absolutely trust to do the perfect cleaning, job of surfaces and air alike: TUTTOLUXO 2S the Water Vacuum Cleaning System.

Most dirt, dust and micro-organisms that exist in our homes are so tiny you will never think of them as dangerous.


Unique intelligence

TUTTOLUXO 2S is equipped with 3 intelligent patented systems. These systems allow you to clean your home easily and effectively.

The SIMPLY SYSTEM makes TUTTOLUXO 2S very easy to clean and maintain. After cleaning, its purification tank has just to be emptied of the liquid waste and rinsed off: thats all, TUTTOLUXO 2S is ready again. No more messy, dirty and expensive vacuum bags and extra filters you need to buy and dispose of! Water is all you need to catch dirt and maintain your appliance.

It gives TUTTOLUXO 2S a real ease of movement. No more pulling your vacuum cleaner around the room by the hose. With its clever swivel hose connection TUTTOLUXO 2S will follow you wherever you go! Dont wear out the hose by dragging the machine around the house, the SLALOM SYSTEM makes your life easier and gives your appliance a longer and easier life!

There is nothing fresher than the air after a rainstorm. TUTTOLUXO 2S replicates exactly this natural phenomenon inside the machine. Through a process called nebulization it creates a vaporized water cloud, which captures and traps all dust particles.

Here is how it works:
1) TUTTOLUXO 2S vacuums every kind of dust and dirt, 2) deep inside TUTTOLUXO 2S, water is sprayed in a micro-sized mist that instantly bonds to dirt and dust particles (water filter) removing them from the air, and 3) sucking them into the water tank. 4) - 5) The 4-level filter system traps the remaining smallest particles. 6) The air that comes out is clean, fresh and breathable - completely purified!





1 Vacuuming - Wet & Dry with Water Filter

Allows you to vacuum up whatever you want. Not only the dirt and dust from carpets and floors but also any kind of spilled liquid  milk, juice, water, coffee, tea  whatever it is you want to vacuum up its absolutely no problem for TUTTOLUXO 2S. A unique patented system gives this appliance the edge over other vacuum cleaners  the Spray System is a filtration system which creates a cloud of nebulized water inside the appliances tank. This traps all dirt, dust and microscopic particles which means when the air passes through the machine, on the other side it is 100% filtered and purified.

Total control at your fingertips
The handle is equipped with a manual shutter which allows for variation of the vacuum strength through opening or closing of the shutter with your thumb, without having to change speed on the machine, this is useful when you need less speed for an instant while working.

Vacuuming - Wet & Dry with Water Filter 

2 Air cleaning and Air Aroma Therapy

This air purifying ability of TUTTOLUXO 2S is a revolutionary way to protect your health and the health of those around you. Research shows that indoor air is 4 - 100 times more polluted than outdoor air and we are spending more and more time indoors. Just think how much indoor pollution you are ingesting with every breath! Up to one hundred times the smog, up to one hundred times the smoke, dust, micro-organisms.

TUTTOLUXO 2S manages to solve this problem while simultaneously cleaning your floors.

Imagine a machine in your home that emits the freshest air, since it filters100% of dust particles thanks to its 4-level filtering system, making your home environment, cleaner, healthier and safer. Just like having a pure breeze of mountain air coming straight into your home.

More than this, with TUTTOLUXO 2S you can pamper yourself by bringing a touch of aroma therapy to your home. Just add a few drops of Zepter Cosmetics Aroma Liquid to the water tank and relax your mind and spirit.

Air cleaning and Air Aroma Therapy

TUTTOLUXO 2S unrivalled features

  • Healthy: it provides you with thorough cleanliness since it cleans floors and carpets as well as the air you breathe.
  • Natural: utilises the power of nature in its patented Spray System
  • Versatile: wet & dry vacuum cleaner + air purification + Air Aroma Therapy: after cleaning perfectly it gives you a touch of aroma.
  • Powerful: its powerful motor effectively sucks up anything.
  • Ecological: TUTTOLUXO 2S is more efficient than a 1600W motor with less energy consumption and less noise. Its 1200W high-tech motor can give you a lower energy usage with the maximum power and efficiency, a reduced motor power consumption with empowered air volume.
  • Technologically advanced: it is equipped with 3 intelligent patented systems - Spray System, Simply System and Slalom System.
  • Noiseless: less noise, up to 5 decibels quieter than any other vacuum  cleaner of its class.
  • Easy to handle: its special design and size enable handy use and freedom of  movement.
  • Multi-accessorised: for every purpose the perfect tool.
  • Environmentally aware: thanks to its filtering system, it requires neither  paper filters nor dust bags, reducing waste disposal.
  • Cost-effective: you can have impressive savings in energy and 100% on dust  bags since you will never have to buy them.
  • Waterproof: designed to handle both water and electricity in the safest most robust way possible.
  • Shock-resistant: its special design guarantees a high resistance to bumps  and falls.
  • Reliable: sturdy and robust, a quality appliance that will last and never let you  down.
  • Easy to maintain: the ingenious Simply System means no more filthy,  porous dust bags. Just rinse dirt and liquids away from the tank!
  • Swift: Full ease of movement with the smart Slalom System cuts your  working time down.
  • Luxurious: TUTTOLUXO 2S is a masterpiece of modern design and a work of  art. It is designed to be displayed proudly in your home as decoration so you  dont have to store it away.