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Ionizer and Purifier
Code: PWC-570 


The ultimate breath-giving innovation

This high performance, high-tech device is both beautiful and easy to use. It is based on revolutionary technology to keep living spaces clean and safe. Therapy Air® iOn is the product you have been waiting for. Reproducing natural mechanisms, Therapy Air® iOn is as multifunctional, as technically advanced and as stylish as it is easy to use. It will allow you to enjoy pure, forest-like air all around you.

The Best Technology for the Best Results

Zepter International researchers, experts and technicians have designed and built a real innovative device for you.
This application uses highly sophisticated technology capable of dealing with all kinds of threats to both your breathing and health. One of Therapy Air® iOn’s main characteristics is that its incredible power and technology can be operated using a simple, direct user interface. Your preferred settings can be programmed in at the touch of a button.

Therapy Air® iOn is the ideal solution for keeping living spaces clean and safe as it filters, purifies and enriches the air with negative ions.

The action of its failsafe filtering system is further enhanced by the properties of the negative ions emitted.

This powerful appliance consists of:
  • a five-level filter system
  • a negative ion generator
working together to ensure unimaginably clean, pure air.

5 Filters, a Unique Barrier
The Zepter Therapy Air® iOn is fitted with 5 different air-purification filters: 
  • antistatic filter (Pre-Electrostatic Filter);
  • antibacterial filter (Medium Filter);
  • HEPA filter (HEPA Filter);
  • anti-allergenic filter (AG Allergy Filter);
  • activated-carbon filter (AC Deodorant Filter).

All the filters are located in a special case and fit together to make a single component. They take up little space and can be easily replaced.
All air pollutants are eliminated when they pass through the 5 filters which act just like impenetrable barriers.

(Pre-Electrostatic Filter) removes larger particles of dust, mould, hair, dandruff, pet hair, etc

(Medium Filter) removes the remaining small particles of dust, bacteria larger than 1 micron, pollen etc., while protecting the HEPA filter located next to it.

The class of our HEPA filter is H13, which removes 99.995% of airborne particulates like: dust, pollen, mold spores, and smoke particles, dust mite feces, and even off gas generated by fireplaces and automobiles.

(AG Allergy Filter) is a mixture of silver, apatite (a mineral) and an antibacterial agent that is especially effective against Legionella bacteria (Legionella bacillus) that are particularly dangerous for babies. The filter contains an extract of ginkgo biloba leaves that are very effectively used for asthma, lung diseases and circulation problems and to eliminate the causes of allergies, flu viruses and bacteria.

(AC Deodorant Filter) eliminates unpleasant food smells, toxic gases and other odours thanks to its high absorption characteristics.

These special filters are impenetrable for pollutants and only allow completely clean air to pass. Purified air enters the module containing the inbuilt ion generator where it is enriched with negative ions.

Purifying Action

Silent and efficacious, the Therapy Air® iOn unit consists of sophisticated mechanisms and special individual components which enable it to run in a quite simple way:

  • the ventilator sucks the air in from the room and ducts it into the filter system;
  • the purified air then passes through the negative ion generator and is enriched with negative ions;
  • when the negative ion concentration is high enough, the negative ions and the positively charged dust and microbiological particles floating in the air are mutually attracted;
  • the dust particles become heavier and, before falling to the ground, are completely eliminated by the Therapy Air® iOn filter system;
  • purified air is then ducted to the surrounding atmosphere.








Everyday Risk Factors

Progress and technology have enormously improved our lives though with some serious new implications:

  • our environment increasingly provokes more illnesses;
  • our homes are invaded by dust, allergens, irritants, chemicals and tobacco smoke;
  • the EPA (Environment Pollution Agency) has detected the Sick Building Syndrome, i.e. a flu-like chronic condition affecting people who live in modern buildings built with cheap artificial materials which emit toxic substances;
  • air pollution (natural and man-made): every year, billions of tons of dust rise into the atmosphere, are carried by air currents and spread all over the planet;
  • indoor levels of toxic substances in the air are from 40 to 100% higher than outdoors. The main reasons for this are house dust, allergens and irritants, toxins from evaporated detergents and chemicals, tobacco smoke, soot, smoke from combustion and unpleasant smells;
  • allergies are increasingly caused by house dust, mites, mould, pollen, insects etc.;
  • irritations, respiratory and coronary diseases, cancer are caused by passive smoking, especially in children.

One person alone cannot change the global picture, but he can help himself and his family.

The most effective, up-to-date solution is Therapy Air® iOn, the revolutionary, powerful and side-effect-free device designed by.

Air pollution (natural and man-made)

Indoor levels of toxic substances in the air are from 40 to 100% higher than outdoors.


Therapy Air® iOn, the solution to the pollution problem

The process is repeated constantly as long as Therapy Air® iOn is working, with stunning effects.

Excellent Air Purification
Eliminates up to 99.995% of aiborne pollutants.

Strong Deodorization
A special deodorant filter removes harmful gases and the smell of food or cigarettes. Toxic gases like VOCs (toluene, benzene, xylene, styrene), formaldehyde, ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid are completely removed (excluding carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide).

Negative Ion Generation
The vast quantity of negative ions generated lets you enjoy really fresh air.

Ag allergy shield filter
Ag/Apatite, Anti-Legionella antimicrobial is a non-woven fabric to remove bacteria and Legionella bacillus which are particularly hazardous to infants. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract is processed in the body to remove allergenic materials, the influenza virus and bacteria.
Turbo Mode Operation
The unit purifiers air in turbo mode in a very short time when pollution is due to an excessive amount of dust or odour.
Protection Looks Beautiful

The functionality and high technology of the Therapy Air® iOn is perfectly reflected in its sober and modern design. Its flat shape and stylish control panel form a wonderful blend of technological materials and pleasant colours to make Therapy Air® iOn a fashion icon that is just as much at home in classical as in modern surroundings.

Therapy Air® iOn is elegant and very much in line with the latest trends in interior design. Its simple beauty belies the fact of its effectiveness in purifying the air you breathe.

You can enjoy an exclusive, beautiful device with excellent performance and unequalled user-friendliness.

This is a professional device for home use with the best looks you could ask for. Take a deep breath and look at it. It really is true - it is your Therapy Air® iOn.

High Tech - Modern Design
Therapy Air® iOn’s Best Features

Wall-Hanging Slim Design
The slim design makes the unit suitable for wall hanging for a pleasant decoration effect.

Rhythmic Cleaning
Operation Mode
This mode is designed for optimal indoor air circulation and the rapid removal of pollutants.

Silent Operation at Night
(Bedtime Mode)
The unit automatically operates silently to create a pleasant atmosphere at night.

Safety Design for Customers
All operations stop automatically if the front coveris opened. The air intake/outlet is designed to ensure your safety and prevent accidents.
Auto power-off.

Mood Light
You can select a colour from the front of the unit for mood lighting.

Child Mode
The air circulation speed is lowered to prevent children from feeling cold.

Remote Control
The remote control is supplied for convenience. 
Therapy Air iOn, the solution to the pollution problem

A special deodorant filter removes harmful gases and the smell of food or cigarettes.

The functionality and high technology of the Therapy Air iOn is perfectly reflected in its sober and modern design.

Wall-Hanging Slim Design 
Wall-Hanging Slim Design

Rhythmic Cleaning
Rhythmic Cleaning

Silent Operation at Nigh
Silent Operation at Night

Safety Design for Customers
Safety Design for Customers

Mood Light
Mood Light

Child Mode
Child Mode


A Nature-like process

The clever insight of Zepter International was that of combining the effectiveness of special filters with the properties and roles played by negative ions.

Nature produces negative ions by releasing and linking electrons to neutral particles in the air. The Therapy Air® iOn generator creates negative ions by using the same principle: its negative electrode produces a negative voltage, the discharge between the two electrodes forms electricity and the molecules between the poles receive a negative charge.

Negative ions can neutralise positive ions and the harm they can cause the human body thus rebalancing the bio-energetic fields and offering a consequent improvement of all bodily functions and energy levels.

Therapy Air® iOn generates over 1 million ions per cm3 in turbo mode, i.e. double the amount of air in the healthiest of environments like that surrounding a huge waterfall for instance. Thanks to the double action of its special filters and negative Ions, the Zepter Therapy Air® Ionizer will quickly turn your home into a real “fresh-air resort”. You will breathe in pure air that has been enriched with negative ions and your family’s mental and physical health will enjoy immense benefits.

Negative ions have been proved to help:
  • raise physical energy levels
  • increase blood circulation
  • increase the metabolism
  • boost the body’s immune system
  • prevent many illnesses
  • relieve the symptoms of allergies, asthma and respiratory illnesses
  • speed up the recovery process
  • alleviate headaches
  • neutralise the consequences of stress
  • help eliminate fear and depression
  • lift your spirits
  • help sleep well again
  • reduce the dangerous consequences of stress
  • rejuvenate the body
  • help concentrate and remember better
  • stimulate creativity and mental powers

Therapy Air® iOn is Zepter International’s powerful and side-effect-free device and represents the most effective and modern solution to your quest for purified air. It is the solution to some of the greatest problems of our modern lifestyles including an environment that increasingly provokes more illnesses, chronic flu-like conditions, air pollution and health hazards in the home that can cause allergies, respiratory and coronary diseases and cancer.
We all now have the opportunity of enjoying such a device: individual customers can position one in their own homes or at the office. Fashion lovers will not want to miss out on this state-of-the-art device, bartenders and restaurateurs can offer their customers one more reason to come to their premises.
Therapy Air® iOn is a highly fashionable, decorative item. It fits in perfectly at home and at the office and is indispensable towards fighting allergies or asthma. The same applies to the work environment, crowded areas, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and anywhere else that people gather, live, eat and work. Above all, it is ideal for your home where you and your family spend most of your time.

This is a professional device for home use with the best looks you could ask for. Take a deep breath and look at it. It really is true - it is your Therapy Air® iOn.

Negative ions can neutralise positive ions thus rebalancing the bio-energetic fields

Zepter Therapy Air Ionizer will quickly turn your home into a real “fresh-air resort”.

You will breathe in pure air that has been enriched with negative ions and your family’s mental and physical health will enjoy immense benefits.