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Code: PBG-900
Fast Flexible-Tip Digital Thermometer


Medical precision, simple & fast to use
Vital System Fast Flexible-Tip Digital Thermometer with its unique flexible patented technology gold plated-tip is the ultimate solution: a clinically tested medical device produced by Zepter Vital System is designed with the contribution of medical experts and hospitals.

  • Liquid crystal display (lcd)
  • Gilded anti-allergic tip (with a temperature sensor)
  • Flexible tip (can swing up to 45° in all directions)
  • Switch (turned on/off) 
  • Storing box

Measurment positions
  • Armpit
  • Orally
  • Rectally


  Dimensions  (mm)   130 x 21 x 12
  Weight (g)   12 (including the battery)
  Measurement method   oscillometric
  Liquid Display Crystal (LCD)  
  Measurement range   from 32.2°C to 43.9°C
  Measurement precision   ± 0,1°C
  Measurement time   10 sec
  Memory   1
  Charging   battery 1x LR41 (1.5 V) or  SR41
  Storing temperature (°C)   from -25 to +60

Simple use
  • Turn on thermometer (switch o/i; display reads the blinking sign oc)
  • position the tip for measurement (for example in the mouth)
  • after 10 sec you will hear a sound signal (“beep,” to tell you that the measurement is complete)
  • read the measured temperature on the display
  • press the switch o/i to turn the thermometer of and that’s it!

Sophisticated thermometer, keeps you posted
  • Display reads “l” – indicates low temperature
  • Display reads “h” – indicates high temperature
  • Display reads “err” – indicates an error (repeat the measurement)
  • Display reads “” – indicates an empty battery (replace the battery)

  • Created in cooperation with an international team of medical experts and consultants
  • High precision of measurement (divergence merely ± 0,1 oc)
  • An anatomically adjustable end (comfortable measurement)
  • Very lightweight (weighs a mere 12 g)
  • Simple use (one press on the switch)
  • Sophisticated thermometer (alerts to high and low temperature values, measuring errors, batteries’ power)
  • Superior quality of material and make
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Mark CE 0197 (certified as a medical appliance)


Body temperature

Contrary to popular belief, there is no simple “normal body temperature”. A healthy person’s body temperature will vary during the day depending on their metabolism.

Body temperature is an important indication of the general condition of our organism: when we are sick our body increases its temperature to fight against specific health condition. It is always preferable to monitor every temperature fluctuation, should it be due to harmless reasons – i.e. ovulation, hormonal or emotional changes – or to some medical condition. Especially, high temperatures should never be neglected, as it alerts that our body is probably evincing some diseases. Detecting fever may reveal illness at an early stage and also its entire evolution can be monitored, which is often very important.

Your temperature, quickly monitored
Fast Flexible-Tip Digital Thermometer
Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Body temperature is the immediate indicator of your health’s condition.
  • Normal body temperature range is from 36.4°C to 37.5°C
  • To determine your own normal bodily temperature, you need to perform a series of measurements when you are completely healthy.

Each home has to have a reliable and precise thermometer.
There are two kinds of thermometers:
  • Conventional (mercury)
  • Modern (digital)
Some deficencies with mercury thermometers:
  • Preparation necessary.
  • We are never sure for how long we should keep the thermometer where we take the temperature.
  • Problems occur during measurements, especially with babies, small children and invalids.
  • Reading the measured value is not very simple (especially for those with impaired vision).
  • There can be long-term problems if the thermometers breaks and the mercury escapes (mercury is among the most poisonous elements and can seriously damage one’s health).

Body temperature is an important indication of the general condition of our organism.

Vital System Fast Flexible-Tip Digital Thermometer  


  • ultrafast, 10 seconds measurement
  • no mercury used
  • Centigrade/Fahrenheit switchable
  • anallergic gold-plated tip
  • flexible tip
  • jumbo LCD display
  • fever alarm
  • automatic switch-off
  • memory temperature storage
  • clinically tested
  • water resistant

Product advantages of the Fast Flexible-Tip Digital Thermometer


The flexible-tip Digital Thermometer boasts special features: its gold-plated tip is anallergic, patented-flexible and absolutely safe. It is accurate thanks to its detecting system, in just 10 seconds it ensures a reliable and precise measurement. It is clearly readable through its wide LCD display and it is equipped with a special option to switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit degree. Very practical, it beeps automatically in case of high temperature and keeps previous memories. It can be cleaned thoroughly because it is water resistant. This special fast thermometer is recommended for oral and rectal use. From 32°C up to 43.9°C – or from 89.6°F up to 111.02°F – the measurement stops automatically after 10 seconds with a beep. After 2 minutes of non-use the device switches off, storing the last temperature detected.

Flexible tip

 Flexible tip
Practical packaging

 Practical packaging
Anallergic gold-plated tip

 Anallergic gold-plated tip